Ever Inspired by the 1960's and 70's classical architectural interiors; with the aesthetic of an artists' working atelier, Keates aims to create intriguing and surprisingly illusionary interiors. Since graduating from Falmouth University with a BA First Class Honours in Fine Art, Keates has exhibited extensively throughout the UK as well as working within the interior design industry, in Chelsea London. 

The landscape and sea, swimming pools and birch trees have consistently become an significant part of her subject, and over time a combination of these elements play an integral part in her paintings. Charlotte finds the exterior world and our external surroundings exhilarating and inspiring; often drawn to a beautiful location or setting, these become the anchors of a work thus allowing the exterior worlds to merge with and flood into her interior compositions.

The experience of the viewer, who's imagination plays as much of a vital part in the work as her own, allow the work to enter into a dialogue with the viewer allowing their interpretations and experiences to unfold into and amongst the compositions she has created.