Born in Dundee in 1965, Paul Kessling studied sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art (1985- 87) and went on to study his MA at The Royal College of Art (1987-89). During this time, and in the years since, Kessling has been able to build up a huge knowledge of techniques and influences in various fields of art. 

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His first encounter with the world of art came from his father, a Polish refugee, who loved to paint over the years when Paul was growing up. Kessling's earliest memories were trips to The National Gallery with his father who took a particular liking to paintigns by Rembrant, Leonardo, Goya as well as modern artists such as Picasso and the Cubists.

Paul Kessling's inspiration for his abstract paintings originally came from looking at the work of Constable during a trip to the V & A. The landscapes Constable paints is met with unusual detailing of the sky giving his paintings movement and his use of fluid colour brings an abstract influence to the work. In response to this, Kessling's paintings draw their inspiration from landscapes focusing on the changing weather and skies during a storm. The movement and fluidity within Kessling's work is what makes them most recognisable. Working quickly with ever changing wet paint, he creates layers which dissolve and hide themselves away from view, polishig off his work when all layers are dry. In working this way, Kessling creates visually powerful paintings which are rich in colour, form and texture.