November 23rd - December 11th

Private Views: Tuesday 22nd November at Alex Eagle Studio London & Tuesday 29th November at Leyden Gallery London.

We are delighted to be presenting a solo show of new work by Ilona Szalay which will make its debut in London this month in collaboration with Alex Eagle Studio and Leyden Gallery. Szalay's new works retain her frequent feminine subject matter, here seen as archetypes; warriors, gods and children, but rendered with a timeless and eerie poetic intimecy. Her passion for the touch of the paint is clear, the figures rendered with gorgeous sweeps, drops, delicate touches, the unfinished, flowing style evoking skill and confidence. 

The large works on wood panels are a departure for Szalay. Rendered in the pose of Gainsborough portraits, these five full length sillouettes or white 'ghosts' stand proudly and facing front. Faces are undetermined. Free and flowing, pooling strokes of white oil define form with real weight and power and the classical poses and magnified scale of these bodies communicate a heroic and majestic strength. 

 In the smaller works, Ilona's skill as a storyteller is clear. Vignettes of groups and interiors call to mind the narratives of Sickert, with their intimate and mysterious interpersonal dramas. Are they cathartic visual diaries or fairy tales? They are props, indicators, clues to these confidential stories of magic and wonder. The viewer is invited to peer behind the curtain of these minature performances. 


ALEX EAGLE STUDIO, 6-10 LEXINGTON STREET, LONDON W1F OLB  -  P.V. Tuesday 22nd November  6-9pm. 'In-conversation' event Thursday 24th at 7pm. Show Runs 23rd - 27th November 11am - 7pm (Sunday 12 - 6pm)

LEYDEN GALLERY, 9 LEYDEN STREET, LONDON E1 7LE  -  P.V. Tuesday 29th November 6-9pm.  'In-conversation' event; Thursday 1st December at 7pm. Show runs 30th November - 11th December, 11am - 7pm.