01.10.16 - 31.10.16

PRIVATE VIEW 30.09.16 6-8PM

"To live in the modern world is to participate in a shifting uncertainty. Experience is fragmented, meaning ambiguous. What seems to be apparent on the surface, can prove to be something else entirely underneath; interpretations varies from one person to another. In a world where much of our experience is received second-hand, through photographic imagery, I am interested in the nature of the reality we construct around ourselves." - Pippa Young

This highly anticipated solo exhibition of new paintings by Pippa Young forms the second instalment of a two part exhibition, the first being 'A Shifting Uncertainty: Drawings' which was exhibited in October 2015. Having spent the last twelve months preparing this body of work, the exhibition will include 16 new oil paintings and 13 small oil studies on board to form a beautifully thought out collection of figurative paintings in Young's distinctive and much loved style. 

Accompanying the exhibition are two essay's; 'A Sense of Reflection' written by Maria Zemtsova; artist and chief editor of Fresh Paint magazine, and 'Smile Please' written by Laura Gasgoine; critic and commentator on the visual arts and former editor of Artists & Illustrators. 

"What sort of freedom this embodies is one of the questions posed by Pippa Young in this searching exhibition, which explores how contemporary reality is mediated through photography. Drawing on photographs she takes herself, Young's haunting imagery seems closer in spirit to Julia Margaret Cameron than to Kim Kardashian, and yet conceptually it hovers between the two, viewing the contemporary issue of self-presentation through the melancholy filter of art history." [ extract from 'Smile Please' by Laura Gasgoine, 2016 ]

" Young's art creates a contemplative space - a space for personal interpretation, allowing us to examine our perceptions and the complexities of our communication with the world - challenging us to create an individual connection with her work." [ extract from 'A Sense of Reflection' by Maria Zemtsova, 2016 ]

Since graduating from Falmouth University with First Class BA (Hons) Fine Art, Pippa's work has received international recognition fro her technical skill and teh interesting conceptual narratives she creates through her art practice. In 2013, a year after graduating, she was shortlisted for both the Threadneedle Exhibition and '100 Painters of Tomorrow' (Beers Lambert/Thames Hudson). 2014 then saw her work shortlisted for Beers Contemporary Award for Emerging Art as well as being selected by Rebecca Wilson, chief curator of Saatcchi Art as 'Artist to Invest in Part 3'. Last year she exhibited her largest painting to date at London Art Fair, was featured in both 'Fresh Paint' and 'Cool Painting' and had two of her drawings selected for teh Scottish Society of Women Artists Award.