PV: NOVEMBER 9th 6-8pm


“My current practice is deeply rooted in the figurative, creating paintings based on remembrance, loss and the nature of human existence. Within this I explore themes of personal reflection and self identity where my figures are often charged with a tense, dark energy touching on the ambiguity of who we think we are and how others actually see us. Of recurring interest to me are ideas of the alter ego, rebirth and the fine balance between death and decay. I draw inspiration from many sources, including friends and characters from my life and various sub cultures.  Victorian cemeteries, mourning costume, taxidermy/cabinet of curiosities and post mortem photography from the Victorian era fascinates me!”  [Margaretann Bennett, 2016]


Margaretann’s distinctive painting style has evolved over the course of the 25 years since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1991. Her varied interests have always influenced her work, and her love of the macabre, victorian costume and jewellery have all been sources of inspiration for Bennett and have all found a home in her unique figurative paintings. 

The Untold will be Margaretann Bennett’s first solo exhibition with the gallery after a successful three years of working together. We are excited to present this new collection which will present over twenty new paintings including three of her well known ‘twin or mirrored’ figures and a collection of small oval mounted portraits. 


About the artist:


Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1991, Margaretann Bennett has since been elected as a member of the RSW, VAS and Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art. Bennett has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout Scotland and has won awards including The Glasgow Art Club Fellowship, The Armour Award, The Mabel MacKinlay Award and the Scottish Arts Club Award. Her work has been exhibited as part of the annual RGI, RSW, RSA and VAS exhibitions one the past 15 years.