Jodie Mann

Bean Nighe Scene


JodieMann BeanNigheScene

Jodie and Jocasta Mann’s recent collaboration set out to put their own mark on their local art scene combining Jodie’s photography skills with Jocasta’s skill set in digital art.

The result is breath-taking and the admiration of their work has reached far further than their local town of Grantown on Spey.

Using the vast local landscapes and architecture of their surroundings in the Cairngorms National Park as a backdrop, this week’s image of the week is the stunning and visually arresting ‘Bean Nighe Scene’ by Jodie Mann.

'Bean Nighe' is Scottish Gaelic for ‘Washerwomen’. It is a Scottish fairy, see as an omen of death and a messenger from the otherworld.

The legend tells of her as the ‘Washer at the Ford’, she is known to wander near deserted streams where she washes blood from the grave-clothes of those who are about to die.

It is said that ‘Bean Nighe’ are the spirits of women who died giving birth and are doomed to do this work until the day their lives would have normally ended. They tend to be seen as a hag, often described as being green, with webbed feet and one nostril but she is able to manifest as a beautiful young woman when it suits her.

Although the inspiration behind it, and the image itself is dark, there is a distinct air of beauty about this work, the atmosphere and light in the image draws the viewer in to try and discover more.

The use of folklore and Scottish tales is an occurring theme of representation in Jodie’s work.

She will portray characters from her Scottish heritage and also the essence of Scotland’s present day and history.

The love for her Highland home has played a key part to her inspiration and has shaped Jodie’s collaboration with her sister.

For more details on the Photography work by Jodie Mann, please visit us in our Edinburgh Art Gallery or do not hesitate to contact Arusha Art Gallery today.