Ella Walker

Inspired by a diverse array of source material, Ella Walker’s large-scale watercolor paintings and frescoes draw inspiration from medieval narrative and the occult, the artist builds her paintings through a curious accretion of luxury worlds. Her abstracted depictions of ‘traditional’ subjects such as parades, processions and scenes of hunting explore medieval narrative and costume. Her resulting compositions are tightly framed, shallow spaces that suggest constant interplay between the realms of drawing, painting and design. Her images, installations and collaborative projects take shape through an intuitive exploration of imagined other-worlds; BALENGIAGA-inspired tights parade the picture while heads are eaten alive by wriggly worms.  


Ella Walker (b. 1993 lives and works in London) recent graduate from the Royal Drawing School 2018. Recent exhibitions include, New Mythologies: Figurative Abstraction in Contemporary Painting, Huxley-Parlour, London, The Drawing Year End of Year Exhibition, The Royal Drawing School, London, The Best of The Drawing Year, Christies, London. On graduating The Drawing Year, Ella was awarded the Jack Goldhill Prize in Drawing (RA) & Richard Ford Award (RA) to study at the Prado Museum, Madrid.