Sophie Milner is a London based artist and writer. Her practice explores interrelations between poetic symbolism, gesture and narrative within painting, drawing upon both historic and personal symbolism to explore moments of biomorphic or psychological change. Her work functions to both encourage and disrupt the narratives she engages with, as a means of encouraging the viewer into a liminal engagement with the webs of associated imagery she interweaves. The resulting scenes are often filled with a sense of biological restlessness, that toy with the languages associated with violence and stillness, the figurative and abstract, and the self as perceived and felt.

She is currently working on a new series of paintings and writings exploring ideas of womenhood expressed within art, psychology and poetry.


As well as regularly exhibiting in group exhibitions and art fairs Milner has also had two solo exhibitions to date, Spilt Salt at Studio 1.1 in 2015, London and Sleepwalkers at Arusha Gallery 2016, Edinburgh. Her work has been widely featured in publications including Harpers Bazaar Magazine, Aesthetica Magazine, Create Magazine and Wide Walls. She is also known for her record cover artwork for musicians including  Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, Rachel Sermanni, Emily and the Woods and Pete Roe.

Her writing builds upon the traditions of prose poetry, flash fiction and the lyric essay. Subjects of exploration include aesthetics, selfhood, the female voice and eroticism within art. A regular reader at London poetry nights including Soho Poetry Nights, Mortimer House Speakeasy and Ear Smoke, she has also performed sets on request at Portobello Live Festival, South London Festival of Spoken Word, and Brave Poets. In 2019 she developed her first audio visual work which was the result of a collaboration with the sound artist Robert Price
and was performed at Laylow, Notting Hill. She is currently completing an MA in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, London.