Tahnee Lonsdale's paintings represent the newest direction in semi-abstract painting. Whimsical figures, architecture, and other objects populate vibrant fields of colour that suggest anything from domestic interiors to wild landscapes.


At once both detailed and dreamy, Lonsdale's work leaves just enough to the imagination. A narrative, often involving a journey of sorts, is clearly implied, though it is up to the viewer with the aid of Lonsdale's colorful titles, to piece together all the elements of the story being told. According to the artist, this body of work embodies an eternal searching, whether that be literally or on a spiritual level.


Tahnee Lonsdale holds a BA from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. Since graduating in 2007, she has been short-listed for the prestigious Hopper Prize, Dazed and Confused Emerging Artist Award and "100 Painters of Tomorrow."Her work has been exhibited widely in across the UK, Rome and Los Angeles