Tahnee Lonsdale

Los Angeles-based artist Tahnee Lonsdale's vibrant paintings are encounters with the essences of existence -- what it is to love, to feel emotion and to be participants in something greater than ourselves.


Her CV includes recent exhibitions at Saatchi Art Los Angeles, Miami Basel and the Saatchi Gallery London. Lonsdale’s work has been met with critical acclaim in a variety of publications including The Telegraph, The New York Times, Aesthetica Magazine and The Financial Times.

In an interview with Arteviste Magazine, Lonsdale outlines her process as germinating in the micro, the personal -- a ‘niggle’ or, in the artist’s words, a ‘protest’. Fed subsequently through the assemblage of small symbolic structures (‘mini-sculptures’), Lonsdale’s protests are made corporeal -- this initial labour to move them from the interior to the exterior, to give them form and function, in three dimensions. It is only after this first ritual has been completed and photographed that Lonsdale takes up the brush. This process is immediately evident on the canvas.


Lonsdale’s work swirls and dances with a sort of neo-Expressionist deliberation: a pageant of washed-out, acidic colours that relieve the artist of the psycho-ballast of ‘protest’. Leitmotifs from the artist’s private life recur throughout her work -- the half-remembered form of a cartoon character from her children’s television; the view from a window crooked by some oneiric vision; Freudian ghosts laced into the stitching of an otherwise banal living-room settee.


Lonsdale’s paintings burst with colour and are virtually tactile in their dimensionality -- canvases that demand one’s attention.