Eleanor Moreton

Eleanor Moreton is a London-based painter who has participated in group and solo shows internationally. With a resume listing Chelsea College of Art (MA Painting), University of Exeter (BA Painting) and the University of Essex as alma maters, it was at the latter that Moreton undertook postgraduate study in the Art History and Theory.


And it is theory that courses wilfully through the bloodstream of Moreton's painting, if not on the canvas as the viewer sees it. Her sense, quite clearly, is to reject it -- and to do so in the service of something both loftier and more earthy, more sensuous and, bewilderingly, intellectual.


Unafraid to simultaneously engage with both the picaresque and folkloric as well as those snatches of narrative that are only now metamorphosing into myth,  Moreton makes vague the inherently familiar to vivid and disconcerting effect. Bright blooms of primary colour underline a breaking from the dispensable dictums of the critic who would have an audience believe they thought only with their heads. This is painting that aims for somewhere much deeper -- if not the heart, then the gut.