Keeper of Fragile Things | Julie Airey : Sable Charm and Dumb Enchantment | Denise Zygadlo

29 November - 21 December 2018

Julie Airey works with mixed media to explore vulnerability, emotional fragility and perceptions of self. Finding inspiration in the process of art and image-making itself, she uses muslin, oil paint and  hand-stitching.


Drawn to muslin for its sheer and delicate properties, Airey uses the fabric as canvas in lieu of the more traditional thicker cotton or linen, and hand-dyes the sheets of white fabric with earthy hues. She then stitches deconstructed lines: the tears in the delicate cloth, combined with assiduous hand-stitching, reflect fragility and human healing. 





Denise Zygadlo’s work bridges print and installation work. She combines photos of classical sculptures with sections of her own body, sometimes wrapped in muslin cloth, and obtained via an old-fashioned photocopy machine.