28 February - 17 March 2019

The delicate animals and life forms illustrate the meeting of the spiritual and material worlds — what can be felt as we walk through wild places, what might visit us in dreams, and what hovers on the edges of our awareness.


A Fine Art graduate from Brighton and Falmouth, Walters is also trained in classical shamanism: a practice rooted in the understanding that the earth is alive and connected to all elements, and where dreams are considered a pure state which is untainted by ego.


In Shetland Notebooks a sense of lightness and purity is echoed by the soft brushstrokes, and the earthy hues and vibrant yellows which look like the pigments barely touched the raw paper before taking the shape of a leaping horse or fluid serpent. Completed over the course of three artist residencies on Shetland in 2017 and 2018, the full body of work is infused with Walters’ love for the Scottish isles — a place to which she feels tethered, ‘a place of vision and clarity’.