Bloodroot: Mary Herbert and James Owens

7 - 27 June 2021
Bloodroot brings a message of releasing fears and expanding self-worth, especially for those of us who have belief that we are hard to love. Most often, our childhood traumas instilled this in us, causing us to be unable to open fully, or to love fully. Bloodroot gets to the root of this and soothes the scars, releases the illusions, and awakens pure love within us. If you dream of bloodroot, there is a message of abundant love coming your way - or perhaps is it a sign of self-love awakening from within

- Juliet Diaz, Plant Witchery: Discover the Sacred Language, Wisdom, and Magic of 200 Plants

Thinking through the prism of the recorded properties of the plant, Bloodroot welcomes you into the dream-like realm of Mary Herbert's luminous soft pastel drawings and James Owens' imagined folk-like paintings to celebrate a time of re-emergence; exploring memories, past and  present, blurring the boundaries between the personal and collective.


With furniture by  Alistair Byars