Safe As Milk: LONDON

19 - 21 July 2021

Arusha Gallery & Anna Choutova present Safe as Milk London

Ilona Szalay, Nettle Grellier, Oriele Steiner, Plum Clouman, Grace Mattingly, Anna Choutova, James Owens,  Sophie Vallance Cantor, Anna Rocke, Amélie Peace, Megan Menzies, Georg Wilson, Charlotte Keates,  Lindsey Jean McLean, Victor Seaward, Andrea Gomis, Paige Perkins, Natalia González Martin and  guest artists from New Sincerity Gallery in Moscow; Masha Somik, Sasha Yazov, Vlad Maltsev and Lotalota


Monday 19th July 5-9pm

Tuesday 20th July 10-9pm

Wednesday 21st July 10-4pm


46 Great Titchfield Street, London



 In an extension of the orginal exhibition of the same name,  Safe As Milk London welcomes the work of twenty one contemporary artists, whose work each comments on our habitual relationship with hyper capitalism and food culture, this exhibition hopes to open a conversation about and highlight the carnivalesque, challenging and momentous nature of food today. 


Food consumption, already conditioned in us by upbringing, schooling, inherited and experienced traumas, religious rites and moral inclinations, is increasingly present in the visual realm via Instagram and other social media platforms. Visual recipes and photographs of food from film, literature, advertising, gourmet magazines, news reports and public health literature seen often through the glossy lights of our screens become pseudo-pornographic thirst traps for our senses which we further intellectualise to set rules of conduct for our psyche and body. However, rather than eating the food, we consume it with our gaze leaving us with a fleetingly quick but empty dopamine hit that fails to nourish us. An addiction to eating only with our eyes becomes perpetuated through this endless loop of online food pornography. Food becomes unattainable – an object of virtue to be desired from afar, drifting further away from embodying sustenance and nutrition.