Exercise Three // Shelly Tregoning

April 20 2020
Hi  Shelly,  to kick off exercise one,  where are you? 

I am at home in Cornwall. I do have a studio at CAST Studios in Helston (15 minutes away) but it is in lockdown.


How has your process changed since staying at home?

Finding it difficult, so the way I am going forward is to go backwards. I always start with drawing - so its back to basics. I have brought a box of materials home and a book that has been very helpful in the past and shakes me out of old habits. ‘Experimental Drawing’ by Robert Kaupelis.
I will try and narrow my focus and spend much more time doing experimental drawing rather than getting to a ‘finished’ piece. No time pressure at the moment - no shows, no exhibitions, no nothing. Just drawing.


Whats last or current song you listened to (no cheating, we all have naughty


I always listen to music in the background while I work - always! So at the moment I am listening to a compilation of what I call ‘Interesting International’ on Spotify I made up. It includes Soldade by Cesária Evora, Uterus Horas by Orchestra Baobab, El Raton by Los Invasores, Jamm by Cheikh Lô.


and the last or current show/film/video you watched ?
 Race Across the World on BBC. I always want to get away.


What are you reading right now?
 The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje. Excellent.


What’s the last thing you cooked? (recipes welcome!)

A West Indian Recipe from home - Stew Peas and Rice.
In a deep saucepan
- soften finely chopped onion, red chilli peppers, fresh thyme in olive oil.
- add powdered cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper to taste
- add chopped fresh tomatoes and one tin chopped tomatoes
- 2 tins of red kidney beans with some of their dark juice
- 1/4 - 1\2 tin coconut milk
- a ham joint (those small vacuum packed ones in supermarkets - smoked or unsmoked)
- make sure your tomatoey, beaney liquid mostly covers joint.
cover saucepan with lid and cook on low heat in oven (120 C) for 3 or so hours until ham is falling apart and juices have darkened and thickened. Serve with basmati rice and any green vegetable you like.


 What's the next thing you are going to cook?

Stir fry Udon Noodles with sticky Pork or salmon fish cakes with fresh green salad.


If everything in your house was going to be the same colour what colour

would you choose?
 White - a multitude of whites.
Which words or phrases do you most overuse  ?
 At the moment, t’s between, ‘Cuppa tea anyone?’ and ‘Why haven’t you put that away?’
Do you have any superstitions?

Right now I think the universe is conspiring to make us all slow down and listen to the silence .


What makes you laugh (feel free to share any videos, memes, record a

joke, your pet)


 Which artist-living or dead would you like to share your quarantine practice with? Why?

Hmmm, that’s a good one. Nathan Oliveira. So many questions I would like to ask him about his practice. …. And I may even get a good Portuguese recipe out of him!



Exercise 2

Write a drawing prompt you would like someone else to receive:

 Do the same drawing 50 different times over. See what happens.


We are probably going to get through a lot of these homework sheets - so

write a question for other people that you want to know the answer to ?
 If you could keep just one memory, what would it be?

We are putting together a mixtape -  what’s your go to song for dancing ?

Feels like Home by Sigala,Fuse ODG, Sean Paul, Kent Jones

being in the studio ?
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
chilling out ?
Infinite Acoustic - compilation Spotify
falling in love ?
You Send Me, Aretha Franklin


For  Exercise Three, we ask our artists to  pick one of the following subjects as a starting point to make some work using an A5 piece of paper/cloth/whatever you like to the size  with no restriction on media. These will be published on our website and available for £110 each.

  1. Still life: pick 3 items from your surrounding and recreate them

  2. Draw the last text you received/Page 15 from a book you are currently reading 7th sentence down

Book: The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje
7th Line from page 15:
‘ ….limited to dark protected spaces…’
‘… Restless after cold months..’


 3.  Draw the last exhibition you saw/in style of the last exhibition you saw


 Check out Shelly's exercise three piece here