Exercise Three // Sam Drake

April 27 2020

Hi Sam, to kick off exercise one,  where are you? 

At home in Glasgow!


How has your process changed since staying at home?

I’ve had to scale down and invest more time in drawing and preparing collages for future works. I’ve also been working more from life which is most welcoming.


Last or current song you listened to (no cheating, we all have naughty comforts)?

Can’t get enough of Ol’55 by Tom Waits


and the last or current show/film/video you watched ?

 Have been going through my watchlist on BFI Films and have just watched Festen by Thomas Vinterberg and Aniara by Pella Kågerman. Also have been binge watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


What are you reading right now?

Just finished So Much Longing in So Little Space by Karl Ove Knausgaard and Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, both top reads! I have so many to get through but hoping to pick up a copy of The Vatican to Vegas, by Norman Klein and Mark Fisher: Ghosts of My Life.


What's the last thing you cooked? (recipes welcome!)

Been cooking a lot of soups, Shakshuka and Aubergines Curry.


What's the next thing you are going to cook?

Probably Tofu, Peanut, Pad Thai!


If everything in your house was going to be the same colour what colour would you choose?

Offt, I’m really into Cobalt Green at the moment, so maybe that or some farrow and ball dark grey?!


Which words or phrases do you most overuse  ?

After being in the States I picked up ‘Fo’sure’ or ‘That’s Crazy’ -- definitely use those way too much.


Do you have any superstitions?

Yes very much so, I keep hold onto various objects I have collected as mementos. Such as old ties and postcards and necklaces. I used to have a lucky pair of Football socks which I kept for way too long.


What makes you laugh (feel free to share any videos, memes, record a joke, your pet)

Huge fan of the US office, Dwight Shrute MAKES ME DIE


Which artist-living or dead would you like to share your quarantine practice with? Why?

Tough one, I feel most painter’s enjoy solitude, so I feel I couldn’t be with someone to enigmatic for too long. Phillip Guston would be interesting. But I wouldn’t complain if I was held up in Brice Marden’s studio for a couple of months.


Exercise 2

 Write a drawing prompt you would like someone else to receive:

Look out of your window, draw what you see at sunrise and sunset.


We are probably going to get through a lot of these homework sheets - so write a question for other people that you want to know the answer to ?

I can only start working/ painting after 3pm when everything starts settling down, even though I get to the studios early in the morning, is this the same for all of you? - What is your typical studio Schedule?


We are putting together a mixtape - what’s your go to song for dancing ? being in the studio ? chilling out ? falling in love ?

Talking Heads - Slippery People (from "Stop Making Sense")


For  Exercise Three, we ask our artists to  pick one of the following subjects as a starting point to make some work using an A5 piece of paper/cloth/whatever you like to the size  with no restriction on media. These will be published on our website and available for £110 each.

  1. Still life: pick 3 items from your surrounding and recreate them

  2. Draw the last text you received/Page 15 from a book you are currently reading 7th sentence down

  3. Draw the last exhibition you saw/in style of the last exhibition you saw


 Check out Sam's exercise three piece here