Pippa Young
March 1 2019

 Arusha Gallery is delighted to be presenting a brand new collection of pencil and mixed media drawings by award-winning artist Pippa Young for Draw Art Fair London. Hosted by Saatchi Gallery, Draw will be the first art fair in the UK dedicated to the display of contemporary drawing. Young's new body of work, Precarious Structures, reflects her interest in the complexity of life in today’s society.


Young’s work ranges from intimate postcard-sized explorations of thought through varied graphic patterns and techniques like threadwork, which become fully developed in larger pieces. Young employs pencil, charcoal and other media to showcase her mastery of detail: the exquisite detail of skin and crumpled fabrics, are so precise her characters look almost life-like. This is in contrast to other parts of the body and background which are left minimal with the simplicity of single coloured line or graphic-style print.


Young's work is focused on the disrupted nature of contemporary experience. Her figures occupy an empty pictorial space - no clues are provided to locate them in time or place. Sometimes even gender is uncertain. Her work explores the relationship between the external world with its confusing demands for our attention and our subjective perceptions, constructed from filtering received information.


Young was awarded a first-class degree from Falmouth College of Art in 2012. She now lives and works in Penzance, Cornwall.