Selections Magazine, January 16 2019

Selection being something we specialise in here at Selections, we like to ask those who are best-placed to make choices on our behalf. In this special feature, we ask gallerists at the London Art Fair, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, to choose a single artwork from their booths and share the story behind it.


‘My mind is an overgrown jungle’ is inspired by a combination of memories from my visit to Ernest Hemingways’ home in Key West, Florida, and an old kodachrome slide showing the building in its original state in the 60’s… Encased in foliage and surrounded by botanical and tropical plants, it gives the viewer all the ingredients of the sublime – an epic jungle of a landscape demonstrating the sheer power of nature at work as it almost takes over the man-made construct planted in the centre of the painting…It is a jungle of thoughts, a curious space, an authors creative refuge.