New work by Charlotte Keates

Contemporary Art Curator, March 12 2020

'My ritual drawings are a mix of sizes, that aren’t sketches or plans for something bigger. Their reason and meaning is not a means to an end. The colour choice is instinctive and spontaneous and playful. It is not overly predetermined, they are more fun and enjoyable than anything- a light relief in terms of process. I think they are perhaps like a release of sorts, a sense of movement and excitement. Like journaling or pouring out ideas in words, but in visuals. They sometimes speak to one another and build a narrative, and sometimes stand alone.. disconnected.  These rituals have begun to take on their own story, their own identity. They are more than a sketch or a notion - they are a feeling of thoughts and memories on a deeper level. I don’t plan these drawings, they happen so intuitively and instinctively that they feel an extension of my brain or consciousness... almost an ‘internal landscape’ of sorts. 

   - Charlotte Keates