Yupo (I), 2020

Jacob Littlejohn

Yupo (I), 2020

Gouache on Yupo paper

6.5 x 9.5 cm


Edinburgh-based painter Jacob Littlejohn is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art's BA Painting and Printmaking, and has participated in group and solo shows throughout Scotland.

Consistently demonstrative of a remarkable eye for composition and a surety of concept, Littlejohn's paintings are striking in their variety and use of tone. Deep, plush crimsons are perfectly overlaid even deeper inky purples and blues, while flights of gold carve up portions of raw canvas in a way that appears almost mathematical.
This is precision painting -- as meticulous and exact as graphic design but more moving, more gutteral, more humourous. Littlejohn's work frequently suggests a kind of infinity beyond and behind it -- as though what is being seen is but a loosely, elegantly realised fragment of a much larger image. He notes an interest in the 'theatre' of abstract expressionism, in its ability to reveal and occlude. His work seems almost to toy with the details of that movement's canonical images, blowing them up on a series of technically sumptuous stages of perfectly technical canvas and oil paint.


Yupo (I), 2020, Jacob Littlejohn
£ 80.00