Knight's Tale, 2020

Plum Cloutman

Knight's Tale, 2020

Etching on watercolour paper

20.5 x 15 cm

Edition of 5


Plum Cloutman is a painter and printmaker whose work has been awarded the Catriona White Prize, the Lyon and Turnbull Prize, and was featured in the 2019 Royal Society of Arts New Contemporaries exhibition.

Having only graduated 2018 from Edinburgh College of Art, Cloutman’s talent has been recognised at an extraordinarily early stage of what promises to be an impressive career. Taking the still, the ornamental and the static as raw artistic material, she uses her brush – in small, deft concentric motions – to animate her subjects. Sharp and deliberate lines differentiate the pools of soft colour characteristics of  the scenes she paints: a bricolage of textures, tones and moods that recall the hazy and unreliable dreamscapes of sleep. These images are often fractured between panels, or affixed to the more corporeal textures of steel or metal.

Knight's Tale, 2020, Plum Cloutman
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