Stella Vine

Stella Vine paints her big-eyed subjects with as much intensity as any dazzled dan could muster and as much tenderness as if they were kittens on a chocolate box, but the painted gesture is driven by something darker, something bitter, something that makes the surface bulge and slither

- Germaine Greer - Mirror Mirror, Modern Art Oxford


Self-taught artist Stella Vine was born in Alnwick, Northumberland, 1969. With numerous international exhibitions, Vine’s work is held in public collections around the world. 


Select Exhibitions: Jeffrey Charles, Transition, Saatchi Gallery, Alon Segev, Roberts & Tilton, Hamiltons, This Way Up, Bailiffgate Museum, Modern Art Oxford, Cornell University, MIMA, Kent University, Riflemaker, Lido Projects, Cecil Sharp House, Discerning Eye, Coutts Bank, Subliminal Projects, Indiana University Museum, Cob Gallery, Blacks, Kingsgate Project Space.


Public Collections:

The Bailiffgate Museum, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Norwich Castle Museum, Indiana University Art Museum, Goss Michael Foundation, Discerning Eye Collection, Kent University Print Collection, Brandes Family Collection, Saatchi Collection, David Roberts Collection.