Georg Wilson is a London-based painter and the co-founder of artist-led All Mouth Gallery. She received her BA in Art History at the University of Oxford (2020) and MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art (2022).

Wilson’s practice is directed by the cyclical change of the English seasons. Strange, new stories are woven out of ancient and contemporary folkloric customs enacted across the calendar year, from equinox to equinox. By teasing this obscured knowledge into the present, she hopes to enchant the viewer into a sense of curiosity about this land.

Solo exhibitions include; 'What Mad Pursuit' (2023), Berntson Bhattacharjee, London; 'Ill Met by Moonlight' (2023), online with Delphian Gallery & Artsy New York; ‘This Other Eden’ (2022), Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York; ‘The Garden Thief’, Arusha Gallery (2022), Bruton. Recent group exhibitions include; 'Who Is Your Master?' (2023), 1969 Gallery, New York; ‘We Are Floating In Space’ (2023), Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall; ‘Pocket Universe’ (2023), Philip Martin Gallery, LA; ‘Even the Worm Will Turn’ duo show (2022), Soho Revue, London; ‘The Red Room’ (2022), Berntson Bhattacharjee, Cromwell Place, London; ‘AMPHIBIAN’ (2022) supported by Hannah Barry Gallery, London; Ingram Prize Show (2022), London. She is a twice-recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields award (2021-2), and Ingram Prize Finalist (2022).