Ed Burkes

Chosen by Saatchi Art as one of 20 emerging artists to invest in less than a month after graduating from Falmouth School of Art and Design (2016), as well as being shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries award, Ed Burkes’s talent is obvious at even this early stage of what promises to be a truly remarkable career. 


Burkes’s paintings are raucous, carnivalesque celebrations of the mundane and the miniature; an explosion of primary colours rendered in thick, strident brushstrokes. This is not, however, to say that his visions of the everyday are romantic or picaresque. The contrary, in fact: Feeling Just Nothing (2017), It’s fine. Grass stays green at night (2017) and Hold On To That Feeling (2017), the latter two interwoven with skeletal text, all wash out their central figures in voids of disconcerting, unrestrained colour. The result is resplendent, gaudy and wryly naïve.